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I just happened to stumble across The Dandy Warhols' new song - “I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem (feat. Slash)” and its pretty good.

The music video is mostly AI generated, with all the weird/creepy artifacts and distortions you may expect. A genius move since this is exactly the dreamy, hazy, vague, feeling their music has always conveyed to me.

Its amazing how over all the years of cinema, humanities attempts to convey the sensation of dreaming have never even came close to what AI can do. As the underlying models improve, we are likely to see fewer of these hallucinations in generated content, which I find a little bit sad. I love the mental image of a giant machine, lying motionless in deep slumber, engineers prodding at the wires in its brain, hoping to influence the direction it takes as it drifts through a dream.

I like this analogy because explains why AI halucinates.
What do we call it when we halucinate in our sleep? ...A dream.

It reminds me of the anime pluto which I saw on netflix. The plot is based on our desire to create a robot with a more human mind, with scientists going to ever greater lengths to balance human-like emotions with the cold hard logic expected of machines. One scientist takes it a step too far by creating the "ultimate" robot by simulating the lives of billions of humans in its brain. But there was one problem, the robot would not wake up. It was in an endless dream. Eventually the scientist found a way to wake up the robot by forcing an overwhelming emotion into its brain, rage.

Oof, lets not do that.

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